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Tulsa World editorial: The Legislature wants to allow craps and roulette into Oklahoma casinos; OK, but don't bet on funding state government with them

The strongest selling point for the idea is the money it promises to raise for the state. Sen. Greg McCortney, R-Ada, the author of Senate Bill 1195, says it will mean $22 million in state revenue next year and $49 million in following years. While that’s not enough to solve the state’s financial problems, a state that doesn’t have five-day weeks in all of its schools can’t afford to turn down that kind of money blithely. The strongest argument against the proposal is that it will increase the heartache and cost of problem gambling, which is paid out in bankruptcies, crime, broken marriages, and higher state costs for prisons and social programs. We have previously endorsed the ball-and-dice proposal as part of the Step Up Oklahoma plan, and continue to back the idea as part of a broader solution to the state’s revenue crisis. Gambling isn’t a panacea to Oklahoma’s financial problems and it isn’t our preferred way to underwrite education, public safety and transportation. The proper way to fund state government is through general taxes that are broad, fair and which mesh well with a growing economy. But gambling is a big part of Oklahoma’s economy, and there’s no reason our casinos should have a boat anchor tied to their leg when they compete with casinos in other states. Most people who gamble do it for pleasure, not compulsion, can afford their losses and don’t turn them into problems for the rest of society. There’s a place for ball and dice games in Oklahoma tribal casinos, but any move to legalize them must be part of a broader effort to fund basic state services adequately.

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